The Speech Lady

Tamara has spent her professional life looking to improve her skills to better help her clients. She was delighted to discover the DIR® Floor time model in 2000. It has provided her with a well articulated developmental framework that places communication in the context of other aspects of human development.

Dr Greenspan who, in conjunction with Dr Serena Weider, were the authors of the Floor time model, attributes emotion to being the driving force for all learning. Developing emotional intelligence and using the drive and energy that emotion brings, is key to connecting and developing our social interactions. This understanding of how we learn is of vital importance particularly when working to help those with developmental challenges.

We want to provide those young people with every opportunity to develop to their fullest potential. Tamara continues to expand her knowledge. 


DIR® Floortime

What is DIR® floortime?

Floortime therapy derives from the Developmental Individual-difference Relationship-based model (DIR) created by child psychiatrist Stanley Greenspan, M.D.

Its premise is that adults can help children develop their abilities by meeting them at their developmental level and building on their strengths.

The technique challenges children with developmental delays to push themselves to their full potential. It develops “who they are”, rather than “what their diagnosis says”.

In Floortime, therapists and parents engage children through the activities each child enjoys. They enter the child's games. They follow the child's lead. Therapists teach parents how to direct their children into increasingly complex interactions.

Developmental Milestones

Overall, Floortime aims to help children reach six developmental milestones crucial for emotional and intellectual growth.

They are:

  • Self-regulation and interest in the world

  • Intimacy or engagement in human relations

  • Two-way communication

  • Complex communication

  • Emotional ideas

  • Emotional thinking

How does floortime work?

Floortime can take place at home, school or in a professional setting. Formal treatment sessions include training for parents and caregivers as well as interaction with the child.



Tamara Dowling

Managing Director
Dip. Ed. (Primary)
Post Grad Dip. (Child Language)
Profectum Academy Certificate in DIR

Tamara has a depth and breadth of experience in working with children as a Speech Pathologist spanning some 38 years.

She has worked in a wide variety of settings including; community health, education, human services and early intervention.

Tamara has spent a number of years dedicated to training speech pathology students in clinical intervention and continues to do this.

Her passions are all about relationship — making every endeavor to break down the barriers to communication and affirm the child’s unique value and contribution.