Helping the child with autism deal with a traumatic event

Traumatic events for any of us can take a lot of time and therapy to is the same deal for anyone with ASD but with the added complication of all that autism brings. I just recently had the privilage of working with a boy who was in a car as it rolled towards a dam. In class he had become more difficult to engage, and less able to respond 'on topic'. After spending time in a floortime session in which he recreated the event and was assisted to engage his higher cognitive abilities to solve various problems as they arose, he became more settled, more on topic and more logical in class. We all need someone to listen, take an interest and care. Floortime techniques enable a more sustained engagement and facilitate moving beyond the emotion of the situation to be able to get some different perspectives and choose a response. This may not be possible for everyone but for those who can, it may be a life saver!