Help...I can only talk to my son using the wheels on the bus!

There are many parents who I meet that feel stuck in routine based communication with their child. the employ methods of engaging the child in a routine that is familar -the child knows his/her part and there is a measure of meeting together. However, they long to understand what their child thinks and feels and for their child to initiate communication. I love to have a child discover themselves as a creative communicator.... to watch them feel understood and to understand others. I love to watch as parents have hope rekindled. The way this comes about is by using a basic DIR Flootime principle- that of following the child's lead. When I was first introduced to this concept i had no idea what it ment as I was so used to being the architect of the therapy session. I have discovered the power of engaging where the child is at and encourage you to do the same. I have included a link that explains the concept in terms of what steps you can take. let's know how you go.