Meltdowns at school

I have been talking with teachers recently about perhaps the most worrisome and distressing issues that they and the student face in the classroom- that of extreme responses on behalf of the child.

Rarely is very challanging behaviour observed in an individual therapy session so I usually request to observe the child in the classroom. This can be most enlightening. I am finding that even despite an increase in autism specific information being provided to teachers, many still struggle to apply that to their own classroom.

I have more recently been requested by teachers to instruct a class for a session and demonstrate the techniques that I am describing. Mostly I have been met with 'ah ha' moments and excitement at how much more the child with autism is engaged in the classroom activity and that the child is able to demonstrate a higher level of ability than is usually observed.

We still have a long way to go but I am encouraged that we are on the right track.